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JOIN THE FAMILY!  Private School Enrollment for K-12 Florida Residents

At Family Tree, we believe it is a parent's God given right and duty to exercise judgment and control over the personal, and social goals of their children, the skills which they should learn, the childhood experiences which they should enjoy, and the community resources on which they should draw. We invite all to enroll whether "churched" or not.


Many people are becoming more and more excited about a "parent directed" education model of schooling instead of a teacher centered, single classroom type education. This term "parent directed" was first introduced by the director of Family Tree Private School at a Florida senate education sub-committee in 1996, and has since been adopted in many public and governmental policies to formally describe education in our "type" of school. 
Parent directed education, known as homeschooling has been practiced by families registered in private schools for years.  In 1985 though, the Florida legislature allowed students to register with the state as publicly enrolled "homeschoolers", yet many private schools  remained open to service families directing the education for their children. That's what Family Tree Private School is!

Students enrolled in Family Tree Private School are schooled under a "parent directed education model", or "homescooling model", but are NOT considered "homeschoolers defined in the 85 law". For all intents and purposes of the law, our students are 100% private school students.   Our students may join homeschool support groups for activities, and are strongly encouraged to do so while registered in Family Tree. We support high quality academics, and require the appropriate type, or standardized testing for graduation.
Florida home educators are all accountable to someone, in some way. Some homeschoolers list with the district superintendent (as public homeschoolers), while others will register with a private school like ours.  Family Tree Private School provides the added benefits of documentation, privacy, and one-on-one, ongoing support. These added benefits are aimed at supporting the continuity of the homeschooling experience, as well as giving formal documentation.


The term "600 school" is used affectionately among homeschoolers to refer to a private school organized exclusively for homeschoolers.  "600" refers to Florida statutes that relate to incorporation of all private schools. Unlike many other "600" schools, Family Tree Private School strives for excellence, maintains numerous affiliations for academic involvement, and  strongly encourage families to join other active support groups. We are not in competition with other organizations, but work in concert with them for the benefit of students. We  depend upon these groups to assist and serve our families.

Some of the advantages for students who enroll with Family Tree Private School are:

  1.  Have complete privacy with private school enrollment.  Withdraw from the District.
  2.  Pick from a choice of excellent, reputable curricula and activities.
  3.  Receive official School Transcripts, Report Cards, and a High School Diploma.
  4.  Receive guidance for testing, and placement.
  5.  Have access to teacher in-service training, and public school book depositories.
  6.  Receive credit for hobbies, interests, on the job training, and apprenticeships.
  7.  Receive documentation of Community Service Hours.
  8.  Earn credits toward high school graduation as you work toward a college degree through free dual enrollment at participating colleges.
  9.  Access free on-line classes through Florida Virtual School with teacher assistance.
10.  Qualify for other scholarships available to most private schools.
11. Receive free Special Education testing and services (sponsored by your tax dollars).
12. Receive ongoing, one-on-one personal, and professional support..
Since Family Tree Private School is statewide, we encourage anyone in the state to enroll, or if you travel, but hold residency in the state.  Not all 600 schools are reputable, just as there are varying levels of quality in all types of educational institutions. But, we at Family Tree Private School have a long standing, excellent reputation statewide. We have worked with many community leaders and support groups statewide, as well as the Florida Department of Education, and our legislators.

Following is a list of some of our credits:
Dept. of Education School ID. # 3292
Natl. College Board Test ID. # 101-618
Florida Teaching Certificate # 542928
Fla. Name Registration # G00236900044
Fla. Non-profit Corp. # N00000005146
I.R.S. E.I.N. # 65-1030629, 501(c)(3) status

Family Tree Private School is sponsored by Family Tree Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Family Tree Private School is a high quality,  private school program established in 1999. We have 4 diploma options. We enjoy a great reputation and our diplomas are accepted in any Florida public school, as well as all public, and (most) private colleges. We provide one-on-one assistance and academic guidance, as well as official Transcripts and Report Cards. We enjoy several articulation agreements with a variety of educational institutions and organizations, such as free special education services with the district, free courses with Florida Virtual School on-line, and free Dual Enrollment opportunities for 11th and 12th graders at participating colleges. (Students must meet specific program requirements and standardized testing.) We do not hold exclusive classes, nor assign only one curriculum, though we do help parents pick a curriculum to use. We research relevant & important information to improve educational opportunities, and refer our enrollees to support groups, on-line learning events, local classes, scholarships and other important information.

Basic fees are $125 to register per year and $40 monthly for tuition (10 months per year). Tuition for the entire year is due no matter how late in the year a student joins. There is a $50 fee for Graduation, and if applicable a nominal fee of $30 per year of credits for incoming high school students to be reviewed, and transferred in, or "tested in".   Annual standardized testing is required, but several options are available, and parents may choose their method of standardized testing. Parents must purchase their own curriculum, and pay for the testing of their choice. We are happy to refer families to tutors, and make recommendations for courses, and we have a many contacts for either free, or very inexpensive curriculum and learning opportunities.


Family Tree Private
School will process scholarships paid directly to our school that may be available to your K-!2 student, and for which Family Tree Private School is eligible. We simply charge a flat rate School Fee of 10% of the scholarship money received to the school for overhead and administration, in addition to the regular tuition and other fees that may apply. The balance (90%) goes to direct approved educational activities or supplies of the parents' choosing. We arrange all purchases and services and make payments to qualified teachers, learning activities, and contractors for educational services at approved sites. The 10% school fee is the basic administrative costs for arranging these services, i.e. processing contacts, documenting credentials of the service providers, scheduling and paying for services, processing tax forms, and providing on-going program evaluations. These costs are considered an inherent part of the costs for tutoring and therapies. 

We evaluate services obtained with scholarship money based upon evaluation of, and matching to the Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals for students with disabilities, or the Academic Improvement Plans (AIP), or regular education plan. Parents never receive student scholarship money directly, nor do we reimburse receipts. Parents must know the amounts and dates of payments for scholarships and keep track of the money they can expect to receive. Evaluation includes involvement, cooperation, and availability of tutors and therapists to determine if progress is being made. Identifying a lack of progress commensurate to students' abilities is grounds for discontinuing enrollment and/or scholarship involvement.

We processed the McKay Scholarship for 4 years until politicians wrote a law that was specifically, and intentionally designed to render our school ineligible to participate, solely because we would not comply with the law's new requirement that our students attend school at one building, all day, with a teacher.  After years of success using the McKay Scholarship in our school, passing two audits, having open accountability, a even presenting our program to a senate sub-committee to tout its success, we were stopped by this new law.  I am sure  the purpose was to stop our parents from having so much autonomy. I believe this was based upon greed by those who would benefit from taking back control of their tax dollars. After the law passed, it stopped our parents from having this choice in our school.  We met, and still meet every other requirement to participate in the McKay scholarship, except forcing our children to attend a building, all day.  This was a disappointing and frustrating time, but at least we served families for 4 years. Please see our Testimonial Letters on our home page to hear from our parents.  We soberly joke that we fought, and it had to take "an act of congress to stop us!"

CLICK ON THIS LINK for The School Profile for detailed information on Family Tree Private School. If you have any questions or wish to discuss enrollment, please CLICK ON THIS link to email
the Director, Nancy Moral.


Here is a picture of the Student Government Association table of North Florida Community College, where Robert Moral was member in 2013. Robert Moral is a graduate of Family Tree Private School.

Robert Moral
Robert N. Moral