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The evangelism goal of Family Tree Ministry compels us to share with all who will listen that God seeks to have a personal relationship with them. We support everyone's freedom to pursue their relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ, Yashua through the study His Word, exercising their right of freedom of speech, and pursuing life, liberty and happiness.


In our goal to edify, we strive to help each person develop their God given potential, and to discover God's will for their lives. We fellowship around God's Word, teaching Biblical precepts, doing all to glorify God.  One way we do this is through our Life Bridge Program. 

Holy Bible


Family Tree Private School is a private school recognized by the Florida Department of Education. Our school is designed to support traveling missionary families, homebound special needs students, homeschooling families or students who desire an individualized education. We believe it is a parent's God given right and duty to exercise judgment and control over the personal and social goals of their children. This extends to the skills children should learn, the childhood experiences which they should enjoy and the community resources on which they should draw. We invite all to enroll whether "churched" or not.


Career Development is available through offering personalized e-learning courses upon request and adult literacy programs. Family Tree Ministries focuses on training and good reading skills so all persons can enjoy the Word of God and apply God's Word to their life. Discovering and developing ones gifts and talents builds self-respect and self-esteem and increases one's potential to be successful in the community and in life pursuits.


Some  activities for Family Tree Ministries occur on "the farm", including housing our official school office, as well as developing and hosting outdoor educational activities.


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Outdoor Work Room
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Click on the picture for information about a documentary exposing the horrid, depressing conditions in most government run schools.  It also appears more and more through investigations that curriculum presented to our children in government schools contains a lot of anti-American stories and casts shame on our Judeo Christian roots. Children can easily feel intimidated, defeated and depressed in these schools especially when God is left out of daily studies and students are kept in a "prison like" atmosphere.



The War On Kids
The War On Kids