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Hello Family Member!
Copies of Important Documents
Starting your home education program:

Below are important documents for you to carefully read over. These pages will guide you in starting your home education program, picking curriculum, making a schedule, discipline, and much more. 

These documents are part of our Welcome Packet.
The document to the right is the Table of Contents.

Table Of Contents to Welcome Packet
Membership Benefits For You


Discount Membership to the Florida Parent Educator Association (

FPEA Group Discounts are available for you.  If you want to join FPEA and receive a discount as a group member, FPEA  membership dues must be sent to me to forward to FPEA because of a new process FPEA has. Please send in an $18 check with your next Monthly Report (due by 10th) for your annual FPEA membership (Regular price is $28.00) You may combine it with your tuition check.  CLICK HERE to visit the FPEA web site.


The Referral Program lets you earn monthly income!

The "Referral Program" is very simple. Family Tree Private School's Referral Program is continuing this year.  For every family you refer, you receive ten dollars ($10 ) per month, off of your total tuition for the duration of time that family remains enrolled! (No matter the family size). CLICK HERE to copy a "Brochure of Talking Points". Make as many copies as you'd like. You must inform me when you reduce your tuition for a family that enrolls so I don't think you just made a simple mistake in math : ).

High School Student Drivers can usually receive an insurance discount.

Check with your auto insurance company.  If students have a GPA of 3.0 or better, you may be able to request a "good student" discount.  They may only require that you bring them the latest Report Card.  Or, if needed you may request a letter from me indicating the GPA.

Lower Test Scores Required to qualify for The Bright Futures Scholarship

The testing threshold to qualify for The Bright Futures Scholarship is less than the score required for districtly enrolled homeschoolers.  Your student's score requirement will  be based upon the requirements for private school students, which will be less than districtly enrolled homeschoolers.  CLICK HERE to learn more about the requirements. 

Free Dual Enrollment at your local Community College

Dual Enrollment Information

Free Florida Virtual School online courses

CLICK HERE to contact Florida Virtual School (FLVS).  Identify yourself as a student of Family Tree Private School in Palm Beach county.  They will instruct you as to the process for enrolling.  There are other local/district virtual schools such as, Palm Beach Virtual, etc., and you may see their links on the FLVS site.  Just choose the Classic FLVS enrollment.