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The mission of Family Tree Ministries and Family Tree Private School is to  promote a Biblical foundation to life and learning and create opportunities for spiritual growth to develop life skills.  Mission and Statement of Faith

We fulfil our mission by:  Operating a private school for homeschooling families;  Authoring curriculum as well as informative, inspirational articles and publications:  Sharing Biblical precepts and directives from the Bible in our communities;  Sponsoring programs and special events, such as Career Development and Life Bridge; and providing a Free Guide: "Essentials to Successful Homeschooling"

Family Tree Private School is a K-12 faith based private school registered with the Florida Department of Education under which you can register to meet the Compulsory Education law requirement.  The school provides your homeschooled children and family with complete privacy, professional support and official transcripts and other documentation.


     Benefits of enrolling with Family Tree Private School:

     *  Enjoy Private School Enrollment for your homeschooling family with complete privacy. 

     *  Receive curriculum guidance and one on one support for unique circumstance including special education.

     *  Participate in free college dual enrollment, and Florida Virtual School courses when available. 

     *  Receive Official  Report Cards, Official Transcripts and a High School Diploma.

        Registration is $125 annually and $40 monthly tuition with discounts for siblings. See our School Profile.

                                                                              ABOUT THE DIRECTORS

Nancy and Bob met in 1982, attended young adult Bible studies and worked as volunteers for 3 years in evangelism programs, such as youth groups, street ministries for the homeless, music and prison ministries. The Lord blessed Bob and Nancy and they were married. They homeschooled their 3 children and created Family Tree Private School with much prayer to serve and support other families to do the same.

Nancy Moral, M.Ed.

Author, Curriculum Writer
Special Education Consultant

Director of School Operations

Children: Leah, Noah and Shaina

Robert "Bob" Moral

* Florida Business Owner 1985 - 2007

* Commendations: Coaching and Community Service
* Former Prison Minister and Chaplain for the Constitution Party of Florida



We respect certifications, such as Chaplaincy. But, only God affirms, equips and ordains individuals for effective and anointed ministry. It even says in Philippians Chapter 3  to put NO confidence in our flesh (our achievements) and to consider our achievements a loss when compared with "the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus..."  We are to even consider our achievements garbage compared to what He achieved for us - HIS righteousness through His atoning work!  

Int'l Federation of Christian Chaplains

Hear what a few of our gaduates say about Family Tree Private School:


Graduates:  Halavah Kevin, and  Keith


Read some of the Testimonial Letters from our parents:

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It's hard to keep up with the many wonderful projects our students accross the state acheive.  Liv Myles, a senior at Family Tree Private School in 2014-2015 developed her own online magazine, Everyone Mags!  We are very excited for this great project and look forward to great things from Liv!

Services to all Homeschoolers

Don't know what end's up or what end's down concerning homeschooling? 

Home School Transcripts

What is a "Homeschool Transcript"?

Homeschool Transcripts are school records for students enrolled with the district as "homeschoolers".  Those registered with Family Tree Private School would not receive these types of transcripts, but instead would receive regular private school transcripts.  Homeschool transcripts are not a requirement but are used for informational purposes only adding professionalism to your records. Schools need to know and appreciate you giving them a transcript.

When you submit a "Homeschool" Transcript to a school you should expect them to accept all of the student's work and credits that you declare.  There are laws protecting you which require them to accept your student's work and credits.  They are required by law to accept your declaration of homeschool studies in only the two following ways:  1)  They may test your child to prove they know the subjects you declare, or 2)  They may provide the opportunity for your child to pass the next highest level course in the subjects you declared, then retroactively grant credit for course work if they pass their classes. Institutions cannot just summarily require your child to re-take courses for credits that you declare your child has already taken as a homeschooler. They may only do one of the previous two options.

We recommend you contact the Homeschool Legal Defense Association if your homeschool records are rejected by any public organization.


If you have us do your Homeschool Transcript for you, we will use Florida Course Code numbers, and the transcript will have our Official Seal as Consultant.  The cost is $60 per school year of information for researching and compiling your information. Click on the picture at the left to see a sample if you want to do it yourself, or let us do it for you. Email us for questions.

Protecting Children by Empowering Parents
Protecting Children by Empowering Parents

Thank you for visiting our web site!  We welcome comments, questions, or input. Have a blessed day!

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