Family Tree Private School

Homeschooling Since 1999

Enrollment Application Documents

Thank you for your interest in Family Tree Private School. We truly count it an honor to serve families, and are hopeful that you will have a wonderful educational experience as you homeschool.  In case you are enrolling close to the beginning of the school year you may want to know that our school year starts the day after Labor Day and ends the last Friday in June every year.

Please read the following documents thoroughly. Send only the following documents by mail  P.O. Box 775, Lee, FL 32059; or fax to 561-383-6956; or scan to EMAIL.

1.  Pages with demographics (name, address, etc.)

2.  All signature pages

2.  Birth certificate and Immunization/Exemption

Submit appropriate fees (registration fee with the first month's tuition). If enrolling late or you are transferring in high school credits send fees as outlined in the Fee Schedule.


Grades K-8 Benchmarks


Grades 9-12 Benchmarks

Benchmarks for subjects in high school are in the "Scope and Sequence" chart, or Table of Contents of the curriculum you choose.