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                                                     Curricula and Career

eLearning Courses - We can develop on-demand online courses for vocational training, professional development and workplace skills.

Instructor Guides  -  We develop traditional, hard-copy versions of curriculum for teachers for a variety of courses.


eLearning Courses

eLearning courses offered through Family Tree Private School's Career Education Division are for vocational training, professional development and training in workplace skills.


Commissioned an eLearning Course

Your organization can commision an online course.  Have the members of your organization go online to learn a skill or get information for training, professional development or workplace skills.  This saves time and money and increases learning.

Example: eLearning Course:


Commission an eLearning course for a specific topic.

Click here for Example. (5 minutes)


Example of Instructor Guides

These courses are in a traditional hard-copy format.

Other topics are being developed, and commissioned courses can be designed-on-demand using your material from your organization.

Transplanting Starter Plants K-3rd Grade
Food Storage and Preserving