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                                    Post High School - College and Career

eLearning courses - We develop online courses for vocational training, professional development, workplace skills, or recertifying credentials

Instructor Guides  -  We develop traditional, hard-copy versions for a variety of courses

Colleges and Universities - We provide a list of highlighted colleges and universities

eLearning Courses for Free

eLearning courses offered through Family Tree Private School's Career Education Division are for vocational training, professional development, and training in workplace skills.
eLearning courses are free when accessed through this web-page, though there is a fee for a "Certificate of Completion". (Tax deductible donations are accepted.)
Commissioned Courses
Your organization's goals, objectives, and priorities can be made into a self-instructional eLearning Course.  Have your members go online to learn what you purpose for them in the areas vocational training, professional development, or training in workplace skills.

ELearning Course:
(10 minutes in length)  

ELearning Course:
Facilitating Meetings Effectively - coming soon.
(4 hours in length)

See a sample of what our eLearning Developers can make for you.  Have your organization commission an eLearning program using your material.
(5 minutes in length)

Example of Instructor Guides

These courses are in a traditional hard-copy format.

Other topics are being developed, and commissioned courses can be designed-on-demand using your material from your organization.

Transplanting Starter Plants K-3rd Grade